Workers in Australia

Engage  has been sponsored by the Katoomba Christian Convention for 5-6 years. The intended audience is workers, as the Australians call them. I think we Americans would call them career-aged, or something like that–people after university and before family-life responsibilities.

The response is so great that Engage 2011 ran 2 separate weekends to accommodate more than 2000 people each weekend.

At the Desiring God blog, Johnny’s written a summary of what he had to say about glorifying God at work. Word is that it’s being tweeted and FB’ed all around Australia.

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  1. Cathy McKay says:

    Hi Noel!
    I’m an Australian who has enjoyed a few of the early Engage conferences. I have always felt a bit of an imposter on the target audience, though. I’ve spent my post-uni years (my twenties) being married and having babies (we now have four and no longer make it to conferences!).

    Australian culture assumes people will wait to marry and have children. Christian culture seems to be building around the same assumptions. It’s interesting. I wonder how many Christians actually fit that demographic neatly? Not a question I need to answer!

    We’ll be delighted to listen to the audio from the conference. Thanks for coming.

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