Holiday boutique

The Bethlehem Holiday Boutique is this weekend. Every year the selection gets better and better. It’s a great place and time for Christmas shopping.

What will I be offering?

1. Some of you may remember when I wrote about succumbing to wearing eyeglass “necklaces.” Since then I’ve gone more than a year with unscratched lenses and far fewer where-are-my-glasses moments. My mother loves hers too.

I wonder if others would like to accessorize like that. I hope so, because I’ll have dozens of eyeglass necklaces at the boutique, some with matching earrings.

2. Last year, a favorite item at my table was the knitted cotton dishcloths. They’re back again this year.

Visitors to my table last time stacked up cloths for Christmas and hostess gifts. To make this easier, there’ll be a lower per-piece price for the purchase of 2 or more.



3. Several years ago on vacation I made a pile of paper beads and never figured out what I wanted to do with them. I’ve used them all now to make Christmas stars for the boutique.




You may wonder why I choose to write about the boutique on my travel blog. What does this have to do with travel? Whatever my handwork earns goes into my travel fund. So if you buy something, later when you’re reading here about a ministry or research trip, you’ll know that your purchase helped make it happen.

If you’re in the Twin Cities area, I hope you can come to the boutique. Please stop and say hello!

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2 Comments on "Holiday boutique"

  1. Deborah says:

    I’ve seen the paper beads as necklaces or earrings (have some from foreign micro-loan enterprises) but I’ve never seen anyone do stars, they are beautiful. Wish it wasn’t a 20 hour drive to Bethlehem :o)

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