Turning our backs on the Abbey & Big Ben

Florence Nightingale: Gods Servant at the Battlefield (The Sowers)Several years ago, Talitha was interested in Florence Nightingale after reading her biography. So having the homeschooling mother’s determination to take advantage of every opportunity, I searched my travel guidebooks and the Internet to see what we might find in London.

In St. Thomas’ Hospital is the Florence Nightingale Museum. Appropriate place, because St. Thomas’ was where Miss Nightingale worked, struggling for reformation in nursing care, after her return from the Crimea.

Big churches and fine buildings have their places, but we were tired of them at the moment, so we turned our backs on Westminster Abbey and the tower of Big Ben to stroll across the Westminster Bridge. Couldn’t help noticing the rosy red cheeks of the little children, but none of the bobbies were on bicycles two by two. (Sorry, Roger Miller, I got carried away.)

Anyway, just on the other side of the Thames was the museum. It was the kind of place I can really enjoy. I wouldn’t have come to London just to visit the Florence Nightingale museum, but it was a small treasure worth seeing while I was there already.

Since then, it’s been renovated and what I read about it looks wonderful. Here’s a description of what you’ll find there now–better organization of exhibits, interactive experiences for both adults and children, digital opportunities to pursue topics more deeply, and the museum is physically accessible.

If you have the London Pass, the museum’s entrance fee is covered. Visit the museum’s website for closest public transportation.

Now, unless you’re in London at the moment, it’ll be a while before you go to the museum. So in the meantime, you can get a biography of Florence Nightingale (vol. 1 and vol. 2) and Notes on Nursing, What It Is, and What It Is Not, by Miss Nightingale, all free for Kindle.

One more thing. At the Florence Nightingale Museum I made a discovery that’s relevant this month, Black History month. You can read about it at my general blog, NoelPiper.com.

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4 Comments on "Turning our backs on the Abbey & Big Ben"

  1. Carol says:

    Dear Noel,

    Thank you so much for this information. My husband and I are planning a trip to England in May. We will now add the Florence Nightingale museum to our plans.

  2. Emily Wright says:

    I was in London last year and I know right where you mentioned! In close relation to that is a fabulous Japanese restaurant that was pretty reasonable and pretty tasty!

    I’d love to go back, thanks for the tidbit.

  3. Caryn Turner says:

    I just bought this book! We’re planning to read it during our homeschool read-aloud time. We just finished David Collins’ book on George Washington Carver. It was GREAT!

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