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Together for Adoption: win a free registration

Travel is often a part of the adoption process as God is building families. If adoption is part of your life or you hope someday it might be, I want you to be aware of  Together for Adoption 2012, in Atlanta in September. I’ll be one of the speakers.

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Orphanology: Awakening to Gospel-Centered Adoption and Orphan Care












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Workers in Australia

Engage  has been sponsored by the Katoomba Christian Convention for 5-6 years. The intended audience is workers, as the Australians call them. I think we Americans would call them career-aged, or something like that–people after university and before family-life responsibilities.

The response is so great that Engage 2011 ran 2 separate weekends to accommodate more than 2000 people each weekend.

At the Desiring God blog, Johnny’s written a summary of what he had to say about glorifying God at work. Word is that it’s being tweeted and FB’ed all around Australia.

Mystery gift from Down Under

Welcome to Tell Me When to Pack.

When to pack? Right now! Get the laundry out of the dryer and the roller bag out of the attic. I’ve waited a long time to visit Australia and the time has come.

To celebrate your presence on the first journey via this blog, I’m promising a mystery gift to one of you. It’s a mystery because I myself don’t know yet what it is. It’ll come back with me from Australia.

All you need to do is leave a comment on this post. That’s all. But I’d love your thoughts related to this trip, in the spirit of fellow-travelers. Some conversation topic ideas:

  • What would you want to do if you were in Sydney or Brisbane?
  • What gift would you like me to bring back from Australia?
  • Is there anything in particular you hope I’ll post about while I’m there?
  • Do you live in Australia?
But like I say, all you must do is leave a comment. Then I get back home, one of you will be chosen at random to receive the mystery gift from Down Under.

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And last, but it should have been first: Huge thanks to Matt Heerema, Web Team Leader at Desiring God, without whom I’d still be staring blankly at blog layout options. I still don’t have to know what to do next because Matt did it.