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2nd stop: Geneva (giveaway)

Apparently my earlier post about traveling to Europe confused at least one person. When we showed up at church tonight for a business meeting, she greeted us, “What are you doing here?!” Nope we’re not in Europe yet, but soon.

The second city in our itinerary will be Geneva. You can check out the Desiring God website to see what Johnny will be doing there.

We went to Geneva once–for about 2 hours in 1972, during a layover between trains, traveling from Munich to Albertville, France. We dashed from the train station to catch a glimpse of the Reformation Wall.

Travel with John Calvin: Geneva's Minister Whose Thinking Changed the World

One of the people most associated with both the Reformation and Geneva is John Calvin. So I’ve stashed in my carry-on a copy of  Travel with John Calvin: Geneva’s Minister Whose Thinking Changed the World. The publisher, Day One, has an impressive catalog of Travel with . . . guide books.

Also, let’s celebrate my long-delayed return to Geneva with another of my mystery gifts, this time from Europe–maybe Geneva.

To be eligible, comment at this post with any or all of the following:

  • Are you Swiss?
  • Have you ever lived in or visited Geneva or elsewhere in Switzerland?
  • What do you think of when you think of Geneva or of Switzerland?
  • What would you want to do if you were visiting Geneva?
  • Is there particular Swiss food one should not miss?
  • What would you recommend as a gift to bring back?

Deadline is 11:59 pm cst, May 18.

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