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Love sung between Romania and America (video)

Larry & Alice Agnew


Back when it was the hippie generation, it was also the Jesus People days. About that time Larry and Alice Agnew recognized the call of Jesus to be his.

Then, in the amazing mysterious way God works, he made sure that they in small-town Minnesota heard about faraway, mysterious Romania in a way that grabbed them and has held them for life.


They moved to Los Angeles to live in a Romanian neighborhood so they could learn the language and culture.

Silvia Tarniceriu, a recent refugee from Romania, became a friend and frequent companion.

Silvia helped them fill a tiny notebook with hymns, and she recorded herself singing the songs. Larry and Alice listened and sang along for hours, days, months. This music became a key part of their learning Romanian.

Silvia Tarniceriu


Larry’s first trip to Romania was a couple of years before Communism fell. Since then, he’s been back many times, and Alice has traveled with him or supported him from home. All these years they have been missionaries to Romania who happened to live in America. They are known and loved by many Christians in Romania.

That same little notebook still travels to Romania in Larry’s pocket. So when he was invited to sing in the Sunday morning service at Holy Trinity Baptist, he had the words at hand.

Here are Larry Agnew and Silvia Tarniceriu singing “Ibiti! Ibiti!” (Love! Love!).

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